MDDE 605 - Planning and Management in Distance Education and Training - CURRENT

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The career path of distance education professionals; whether in academia, government, or the private sector; eventually leads to some form of management position. In these positions they are often asked to either create a new distance education unit/organization or re-engineer an education or training organization into one that embraces distance education methods. The creation and management of distance education organizations and/or units requires special skills and knowledge.

Piskurich & Sanders (1998) as part of an ASTD study identified a list of competencies for professionals involved in the design, development, implementation and management of distance learning technologies. Some of the proposed implementation and management competencies covered skills and knowledge related to: change management; leadership; industry awareness; business knowledge; project management; communications; and, implementation and support. Specific competencies required to manage a distance education enterprise included:

  1. Understand the current and future climate of the distance education and distance learning industry, and formulate strategies to respond to that climate.

  2. Demonstrate awareness of distance education organization business functions and how business decisions affect financial and non-financial work results.

  3. Supervise the selection of learning technologies and assure that these selections meet organizational needs.

  4. Understand the relative costs of each distribution method, or combination of methods, and assure that the organization is receiving a good value for the dollars spent on these technologies.

MDDE 605 will endeavour to provide the Athabasca University MDE community with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively plan and implement a distance education organization. The course and your instructor will guide you through the planning and implementation process. The assignments will be founded on a problem of your choosing that requires you to progressively create an implementation plan for a new or re-engineered distance education enterprise.

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